August 2011: I Like Sad Satellites

Download song: I Like Sad Satellites (mp3, 320kbps)
I Like Sad Satellites (mp3, 128kbps)

August is yet again Finnish indie cover month here at "The Club". This time one of us gets to go all narcissistic as we cover a track off of Tommi's old band, Sissy Spacek.

Here's the original in all its innocence and 90s-art-pop sensibilities:

We decided to drop it down a notch to see if we could bring in some Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson. We hope we did justice to Ilai's great composition!

Check out his other stuff too:
Kirlian Crossing


Ilai Rämä
Ilai Rämä


jackie`s gone to airport (aeroport?)
no sight of heart in her heart
jackie`s gone wind carries her away
jackie`s gone leaves fall today

i like sad satellites

your touch is all too much
said a raven to a cloud
all you borrow all you steal
all the sky you pour over me..

i like sad satellites

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