Viola Music Club 2010 poll results are IN

The Viola Music Club 2010 poll results are in and oh boy are they surprising!

  1. May 2010: Leave It All Again (feat. Bääbs) 35%
  2. April 2010: Chaos Shall Reign! 26%
  3. February 2010: Heart Breaks Into A Song 24%
  4. January 2010: 2010s (Maybe The World Won't End) 22%
  5. August 2010: Traitor On The Inside 15%
  6. November 2010: Astromelancholia 15%
  7. March 2010: Fade To White 13%
  8. June 2010: Popsicle Summer 13%
  9. December 2010: Wayne Coyne, Be Our Santa Claus 13%
  10. July 2010: Neon Lightning 11%
  11. October 2010: La Formule Du Bonheur 11%
  12. September 2010: Puppies In The Rain 5%

I have to say I did not see the victory for Leave It All Again coming. I do love the track myself, but judging by the feedback at the time, it felt like a bit of a miss in terms of the interest it generated. Really cool to see that the tracks has so many friends after all!

Also a bit surprising is the high position of Chaos Shall Reign. True, it was by far the most popular track in Viola Music Club's history, but that was mostly due to non-regular visitors. I was under the impression that a lot of you people that frequent this site and are generally interested enough in Viola to answer a silly poll like this kinda just shrugged at our April silliness in a "boys will be boys" type of fashion.

What I'm kind of bummed about is the fact that you cold-hearted bastards seem to hate puppies! What's up with only 4% voting for Puppies In The Rain?!

Anyways, thanks to everybody who voted and start making notes for this year's poll which will inevitably hit the networks in December again.


I wouldn't mind hearing Bääbs

I wouldn't mind hearing Bääbs on another Viola track.

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