Viola playlist by Arttu Tolonen (Giant Robot, Black Audio etc.)

We've asked some of our friends to provide us with Viola-playlists that they feel best represent our catalogue to help you nice people get started with checking out all the stuff we've done on the past.

First up, Arttu Tolonen. of Giant Robot, Black Audio and all other bands / artists (like Viola) that need his unparallelled skills on all kinds of redneck instruments.

Arttu also tends to hop on stage every now and then with us when we feel we need some extra noise in the live setting, providing everything from electric banjo to baritone guitar and harmonica to lap steel.

Here's what he feels best represents our stuff!

Utopia Frailway - A perfect starting song for a number of things... An album, a mixtape you made to score with some girl, a playlist by a wannabe marginal rockstar... I'm a sucker for simple repating melodies played over chord changes.

Outsider Code - For the life of me I couldn't understand why this wasn't a runaway smash hit. Maybe it was the lap steel and harmonica... It has a funky oompah beat and I can bug out to it. The chorus is just epic enough to give you a spiritual lift, but doesn't get big enough to come across as clawing for a stadium catharsis...

Ada Bell (In a Montage) - A James Ellroy story with a Vangelis soundtrack...

Ideal Rainbow/Planet Struck - ...followed some discoed up Jean-Michel Jarre, bleeding into a ballad busting out of its tight, tight pants.

Tedium Rock - This takes a lot fo cool stuff from 80s and 90s guitar-based indie and funks it up. The bass parts are brilliant.

Lovelights - A world-killing pop monster. Depending on the day, I may prefer the current live version of this song, but tonight (as I watch Bruce Dickinson talk about fart gas and torch pigs) the recorded version is just fine.

Nobodylovers - This song holds together so well, it's ridiculous. It's always fun when sketchy rapping really works.

The Hardest Hit - ... and this song is just plain ridiculous.

Imaginary Times - In some way, this is the seriously-minded older brother of the preceding song.

Sad Eyed Disco Dancers - Viola as a band has always excelled at elaborating on that part of the Pet Shop Boys oeuvre that I love. This song also draws an achy breaky line through a pop history riddled with people who insist that they can cry if they want to, because, after all, it's their party...


This was good. More of these,

This was good. More of these, please.

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