Viola's fourth album - according to Lassi

A while ago we released a playlist done by Arttu Tolonen and promised there'd be more to come. Well, we got lazy and it took 1,5 years for this next one, but here it is! Our fourth album - at least the way it would be if it was compiled from Viola Music Club material by long time Viola listener, Lassi from the Oulu-based noiserock band Vene! Enjoy!

After Viola started releasing new songs monthly on the Internet I started wondering if one day you could sequence a bunch of them into an album. This is my take on THE FOURTH ALBUM. Let's call it 'Appetite For Destruction' or 'Metallica' or whatever. What do you think?

...or download the playlist as a zip package!

  1. Newest Hottest Whatever - Every good album needs a bombastic opening track. This song is written into a bit too obvious radio hit format but gets away with it because of the lyrics. A catchy tune. Viola goes Lady Gaga?
  2. Nobodylovers - This is Viola exploring new things. An amazing song that hasn't lost its appeal after countless listens. I always imagined this song to be track number 2 on an album. I don't know why.
  3. La Formule Du Bonheur - Let's change the mood totally. This is a really weird song with creepy French parts and I haven't got a clue what it is about. Neither does Riku, it seems, as the lyric goes "it all falls into place / when nothing's making sense". Somehow this reminds me of Cibo Matto's song 'Sugar Water' (which also happens to be track number three on the excellent album Viva! La Woman).
  4. Beautiful Lost Things - A lyrical masterpiece with a dominant guitar part. At first listen the song itself didn't seem too special but it has grown on me and now it's one of my favourite Viola tunes. Probably their most touching song.
  5. Leave It All Again - An instantly hooky song I can specially relate to as I happen to live in an old gray house at the edge of the world. At the time of the recording Riku had lost his voice so they hired Bääbs to sing the chorus, which was a masterstroke and gives the song a nice ethereal flavour. Sounds a bit like 'Road' by Don Johnson Big Band?
  6. Astromelancholia - Viola's debut album Tearcandy also featured a stargazing song on track six, so this one is pretty obvious. Urania, you break my heart...
  7. Heart Breaks Into A Song - ...which breaks into a song. Tommi and Riku considered this song a bit 'throwaway' and yet it's one of Viola's catchiest numbers with a nice "rock"-pop flavour. A brilliant title for a song, too.
  8. No Connection - Noooo, I can't get to my Internet porn! A very depressing song that is all about the lyrics. Works best at night with headphones on. There are hardly any hooks but it surprisingly works for the song. "No connection / the line is dead / tangled around my throat instead" -- anyone who's ever been in a relationship can relate to that. Disturbingly brilliant!
  9. Neon Lightning - Let's step away from the verge of suicide and DISCO! To my ears many Viola songs have sounded a bit like video game music and this one here is a prime example. The synth melodies and bass licks could be straight from a Sonic the Hedgehog game.
  10. The Loners - After partying at the disco you ride alone into the sunset. Like loners do. I always liked the live version of this song recorded in the early 00s and wondered why the song wasn't on any of their albums. I love this new acoustic version, too. It reminds me of their Acoustic Romance vinyl. A perfect "ending song".
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