Viola is FREE

From now on everything we do will be free.
Everything we've made in the past is free as well.

Starting April 1st 2009, we'll be releasing 1 song each and every month on this site. At midnight on the 1st of the month. They'll all be in digital format only and completely free.

Please use the player on the right side of the page to stream our old stuff, or explore the albums to download either .zip-packages of entire albums or individual songs (click "Show tracks" from a given album).

That's it. We hope fans of physical records are not too disappointed. Those things just weren't making any more sense.

This way all the walls between us and you are down. No more waiting around. No more "promo period" or having to deal with distribution. Straight from our hearts to yours.

Some recent cool videos with our songs

Here's a couple of cool videos on Vimeo using our tunes in a really nice way. Why they're all of winter sports, we have no idea, but lookin' GOOD!

Poll results are IN!

This just in: The people have spoken!

Here's the OFFICIAL results for the first Viola Music Club year poll:

  1. October 2009: Beautiful Lost Things 43%
  2. May 2009: Nobodylovers 41%
  3. September 2009: Sea Curtain 30%
  4. January 2010: 2010s (Maybe The World Won't End) 24%
  5. July 2009: Shimmery Summery (Sha-La-La-Love) 24%
  6. November 2009: No Connection 21%
  7. February 2010: Heart Breaks Into A Song 19%
  8. August 2009: Oh How You Dance 13%
  9. March 2010: Fade To White 11%
  10. April 2009: Cute Destroyer 6%
  11. June 2009: A Decade 5%
  12. December 2009: This Year It Will Be Different 2%

Thanks to everyone for letting us know what you preferred! We promise not to let that stop us from doing weird and potentially catastrophic experiments in the future either!

Bääbs - You Don't Know Tomorrow music video!

Sami Sänpäkkilä just finished his amazing job at making a cool music video for the song we wrote and produced for Bääbs for the Eurovision Song Contest! What can I say? WOW!

Entire discography as a torrent file

Hi friends!

You can now also grab our entire discography as a torrent file from
(That's "legal torrents dot net" in English, we wouldn't want to associate ourselves with any shady stuff now would we?)

There's another option too. This one doesn't have everything zipped into one package, but has all the tracks separately, if you only wish to download a certain album or track.

Old stuff

You can access every single track we've released on physical records from the list on the right hand side of this page and use the player to stream them.

But if you just want to grab some mp3's, here's a few good links...

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