Best Of Viola by Tommi

It's been well over 8 months now that I had to leave Viola behind to move to New York. During that time I haven't given much thought to the decade we spent making music to satisfy our personal cravings for all different shades of melancholy, stargazing and escapism.

But yesterday I somehow ended up giving some of our material a spin and had to come to the conclusion that once in a while we actually had a great thing going.

So I finally decided to do something I had though about dozens of times before: Compile a personal Best Of playlist and write up some of the things I feel very proud we were able to get on virtual tape. In no particular order.

Beginner's Guide To Viola

Playlist mania at Viola Music Club continues! This one we've been wanting to get going for a while now, but for some reason never got around to asking anyone to do it.

But after bumping into the amazing Viola Music Club 2010: the collected retrospective musings on the Rambling Fox blog, we felt to need to ask the author, Flint, to do us the honor of compiling a "beginner's guide to Viola" -playlist from an outsider's perspective. We got what we wanted and then some!

Go check out the playlist with brilliantly well-thought reasons why each track is there and at the chosen position! Again, don't forget to comment on it.

...or download the playlist as a zip package!

Viola's fourth album - according to Lassi

A while ago we released a playlist done by Arttu Tolonen and promised there'd be more to come. Well, we got lazy and it took 1,5 years for this next one, but here it is! Our fourth album - at least the way it would be if it was compiled from Viola Music Club material by long time Viola listener, Lassi from the Oulu-based noiserock band Vene! Enjoy!

Also, be sure to read the full reasoning for the choices as they're pretty darn good! Also feel free to comment!

...or download the playlist as a zip package!

Viola playlist by Arttu Tolonen (Giant Robot, Black Audio etc.)

We've asked some of our friends to provide us with Viola-playlists that they feel best represent our catalogue to help you nice people get started with checking out all the stuff we've done on the past.

First up, Arttu Tolonen. of Giant Robot, Black Audio and all other bands / artists (like Viola) that need his unparallelled skills on all kinds of redneck instruments.

Read the tracklist with Arttu's comments on all the tracks!

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