City Silhouette

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A nice atmospheric pop track about the illusions that life is somewhere else.

Still I think this track shows the best strengths of the Tearcandy-era Viola.


Riku Kärkkäinen / Esa Mikkonen / Anu Tukeva / Tommi Forsström
Riku Kärkkäinen


she's not like any other girl
in the dirty world she is snow
falling over the rooftops
whirling through the alleys
because there's new life in the city
waiting for her

at once distant and near
all she loves could be there

she's trembling out of their reach now
so eager to feel life
in its full grace
and for one sweet moment in time
it was all that she asked for
it was all that she dreamed of

it was a new life in the city
vibrant and real

but silhouette disappears
if you get too near

inside the snowglobe
she kept waiting for the one
that would get there in time
and finally shake her world

always rather anywhere else
strange, life so seldom makes sense

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